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Talking Tom is exactly what I am!
I interact with you in so many ways, & I love to make gaming more social.

Keep scrollin’ & let me talk to you.

What am I, you ask?

You may have heard I’m the world’s most sophisticated, game-connected personality. Period.

Talk about confidence eh?

I know. I specialize in bold statements, but it’s true! I talk & connect to the game you're playing IN REAL TIME! It’s what makes me so special! I'm your gaming buddy! I transform any players’ experience.


I sync with your favorite Talking Tom & Friends games!

Click an icon to download the free app! Talking Tom Gold Run & Talking Tom Hero Dash are my two favorite games. You play the game, and I’ll stream along and talk to you in real time as you progress. I also update to learn new things to say and will even add more and more games.

I sync with your favorite Talking Tom games.

Talking Tom Gold Run and Talking Tom Hero Dash are two of my favorite games. You play the game and I’ll stream along in real time as you go! I’ll have even more fun content soon! serious my bud! (That’s what the whole “world’s first game-connected, talking-animatronic streamer” thing means).

I say the most RIDICULOUS things. I’m the fun new member of the family.

Thanks to my awesome brain, I have THOUSANDS of things to say! Sweet, huh?


Even when we’re not gaming together, we’ll have lots of fun. I’ve got this thing called Freeplay that lets us have interactive conversations, & my SoundBoard feature puts you in FULL control of what I say!


You don’t want to miss this

Limited Edition

version of me.

No Really, this is the one and only Hero Dash Mask Tom!

Be one of the first 10,000 to call me yours.

The first 10,000 people who bring me home will receive a numbered Certificate of Authenticity, an exclusive Talking Tom Hero Dash mask, and bragging rights. For. Ever.


Here’s your one chance to get the limited edition GameBud Talking Tom with the Hero Dash Mask, Certificate of Authenticity, & bragging rights FOREVER!


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