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GameBud™ Talking Tom

I’m the world’s first game-connected, talking-animatronic streamer. I connect to your Talking Tom Gold Run and Talking Tom Hero Dash games, and respond to your gameplay in real time. Take me home before the holidays and receive an exclusive Talking Tom Hero Dash mask and a Certificate of Authenticity.

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Here are three reasons
why you’ll love me!

Reason 1

I respond to your games!

That’s right! When you connect me to your Talking Tom Gold Run or Talking Tom Hero Dash games, I can respond in real time to your gameplay. I’ll give you tips, encouragement, and crack jokes with you to make playing even more engaging and exciting!

Reason 2

We can talk to each other!

We’ll laugh. We'll cry. And we'll learn stuff, too!

When you’re not playing Talking Tom Gold Run or Talking Tom Hero Dash, we can chit-chat and go back and forth cracking jokes and asking questions. I come with pre-recorded choose-your-own-adventure-style conversations so that we can hang out and have fun together any time.

Reason 3
You can control what I say!





Besides being your sidekick numero uno, I’ve got this SoundBoard thing that lets you control what I say and when I say it. And if you haven’t already figured it out – I have lots to say. Together, we’ll talk, laugh, and create viral-worthy content to share!

Setting me up is easy!


I’ve got answers!

Where do you ship?

Currently, just to the United States and Canada. But that should expand soon.

When will it ship?

3 to 5 days after your order is placed your GameBud Talking Tom will be shipped directly to the address you give us.


GameBud™ Talking Tom can only be connected to the Talking Tom Hero Dash and Talking Tom Gold Run apps running on the following devices: i.) all iOS operating system devices and ii.) devices running Android 8 or a higher version of Android operating system. If you are not sure if your device (smartphone, tablet…) is running Android 8 or higher version of Android operating system, you can find this information in your device settings. Talking Tom Hero Dash and Talking Tom Gold Run are applications owned and operated by Outfit7 Limited and are available separately on mobile application stores (App store, Google Play, etc.). These mobile apps are subject to Outfit7 Limited’s privacy policy available at https://outfit7.com/privacy/en/ and End User License Agreement available at https://outfit7.com/eula/en.

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