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Currently, just to the United States and Canada. But that should expand soon.

3 to 5 days after your order is placed your GameBud Talking Tom will be shipped directly to the address you give us.

There have been shipping disruptions around the world leading to big delays and much higher costs. To make sure you get your GameBud™ Talking Tom as soon as possible, We are having him air-shipped straight from the factory. We are absorbing some of the shipping cost and making this the same rate for all customers.

Getting Started

Your GameBud™ Talking Tom is fun for everyone aged 8 to 99 years old! It’s not intended for anyone younger than that. 

It’s easy! Just press his head down. You’ll know he’s powered up when his LCD eyes are lit up and if his funny little ears and eyebrows move! To power him off, just press down on his head for four seconds. 

Keep in mind that if you press his head down quickly while he’s switched on, it’ll make him change the subject and start saying something else. 

If he doesn’t switch on immediately, his battery might need recharging. Just plug him in using the micro-USB charging cable provided and wait for the orange light on his back to turn to green. Then he’s good to go!

Good question! And I’ve got you covered. There’s a whole video tutorial you can watch. Just open up the Pairing App (more on this below) and you’ll find it on the Dashboard screen. 

To get you up and running right away, there are some simple operating instructions in the Quick Start instruction sheet that came with your GameBud™ Talking Tom. Want a more detailed how-to? You can find the User Manual here: https://gamebud.com/talkingtom/instructions.

Yep! You need the Pairing App to set up your GameBud™ Talking Tom and connect it to the Talking Tom & Friends games: Hero Dash and Gold Run on your device via the Wi-Fi.

Once you have the Pairing App installed, your GameBud™ Talking Tom will be able to play along with you when you’re playing Talking Tom Gold Run or Talking Tom Hero Dash. Being connected to the Wi-Fi also means your GameBud™ Talking Tom will get updates with all sorts of cool content. 

After you pair up your GameBud, you don’t need to keep the Pairing App running, but there are some pretty cool features in there, like the Soundboard, which makes your GameBud™ Talking Tom say funny things, and you can control the volume there, too.

The Pairing App is free and can be downloaded from either the Apple App Store or Google Play store. You can access it by using the QR code located on the package and Quick Start Instruction sheet, or you can download it by using https://gamebud.com/talkingtom/pair.

The Pairing App will work with iOS and Android devices running Android 8 or later.

Your GameBud™ Talking Tom can only connect to one game at a time. If you want to play with multiple devices, you’d need more than one GameBud™ Talking Tom.

No, the pairing app can only connect one GameBud at a time. If you want to play with multiple GameBud™ Talking Toms at the same time, they need to be connected to Pairing Apps on multiple devices.

By the way, your pairing app will automatically connect to the GameBud™ Talking Tom it was last connected to. But if you press “Connect” in the pairing app, it will try to connect to the nearest (rather than last) GameBud™ Talking Tom.

First, make sure your device is running IOS 10 or Android 8 and up. There are a couple of things you can try. First, try and download it again – and check to make sure that your Wi-Fi is working/you are connected to a mobile network. 

The download link for the Pairing App can be found using: the QR code on the back of the GameBud™ Talking Tom package; the Quick Start Instructions manual in the package; or via the website https://gamebud.com/talkingtom/pair  

If downloading it again didn’t help, please call Customer Assistance on 1 855 638 2021.

Playing With GAMEBUD™ Talking Tom

There are three! I’ll tell you all about them.

Game Mode: This is where you can play Talking Tom Gold Run or Talking Tom Hero Dash and your GameBud™ Talking Tom will cheer you on and give you tips and tricks. This mode is enabled after you connect to Wi-Fi during the initial set-up and click “connect” in the game app. You don’t need to have the Pairing App running to use this mode. 

Free Play Mode: This mode is activated by pressing down on your GameBud™ Talking Tom’s head for a second (if a game isn’t active). He’ll launch into telling you all sorts of stories, facts, and activities. Same as the above, you don’t need to run the Pairing App for this mode to work. But new content will only get added to your GameBud™ Talking Tom if he’s connected to the internet.

Command Mode: This is the mode where you can make your GameBud™ Talking Tom say words and phrases on command! You can access this through the Pairing App, on the Dashboard screen.

Want to get the best results when playing a game or using the Soundboard? Position your GameBud™ Talking Tom about 1-6 feet from your mobile device.

Oh, it’s so cool! The Soundboard lets you make GameBud™ Talking Tom say all sorts of things on command. Open up your Pairing App and go to the Dashboard screen. There you’ll find the Soundboard button. Tap it and a new screen will appear with 12 subject buttons. Pick one of those and 12 more choices will appear! You can then take your pick of things you want your GameBud™ Talking Tom to say! Just press the “Back” button to go back to a previous screen for other choices.

You can currently play with the endless runner games, Talking Tom Hero Dash and Talking Tom Gold Run (connectivity available at the beginning of December)! Keep an eye on “Updates” in the Pairing App to see if any new games are available.

If you stop playing one of those games, your GameBud™ Talking Tom will remain on and in Free Play mode. If you open the game again, your buddy will know that you’re gaming again and will respond to where you are in the game!

He’s pretty awesome and he has super sophisticated electronics – but he doesn’t know everything! He’s designed to recognize certain keywords from you. He won’t respond to other words.

In Free Play mode, the things that your GameBud™ Talking Tom says are randomized, so you won’t be able to get him to say the exact same thing again. And during Game mode, he’ll respond to what’s going on in the game you’re playing so it’ll be different every time. 

If you use the Soundboard in the Pairing App, you can choose what your GameBud™ Talking Tom says from the options on the screen. 

If you want to replay a story or activity, you can go to the Dashboard in the Pairing App and tap on “Stories”. You’ll find a list of stories and activities you’ve listened to so far. Tap on one to listen to it again.

Sure! You can find them in the Pairing App. Open it up and go to the Dashboard screen. Tap the Story button and you’ll be taken to a screen that lists all of the stories and activities you’ve enjoyed. Tap on one and Tom will retell it and allow you to make it different each time! Just so you know, if you tap again while your GameBud™ Talking Tom is mid-story, he’ll start all over again! 

Open the Pairing App and go to “Settings” by tapping the gear symbol in the upper right corner of the screen. Tap “Audio Settings” and then adjust the volume using the slider bar.


That means there’s new content for your GameBud™ Talking Tom! Your GameBud™ Talking Tom and the Pairing App will let you know when there’s an update. Once you initiate the update from the pairing app, you’ll need to wait until the update is complete before playing with him – if you press his head while he’s busy updating, he’ll tell you that himself!

He’ll get updates pretty regularly! Your GameBud™ Talking Tom will alert you when a new update is in progress. Give him a minute to get it downloaded and wait until the update is complete before trying to play with him.

Don’t worry. Tom will tell you when the update is finished even if you press down on his head during the update. If the Wi-Fi signal is interrupted, Tom should pair up again on his own with the Wi-Fi and resume download. If this does not happen, you have to restart the pairing app again and go through the process of pairing and updating.

If that happens, Tom will automatically reconnect when the Wi-Fi is back on. If he doesn’t, perform a factory reset. Instructions on how to reset him can be found here in another FAQ.

Answers don’t always come easy.

How about an awesome weird fact instead?

Take a breath and smash this button!

Internet Issues

The GameBud™ Talking Tom only supports 2.4Ghz (not 5 GHz). This is typical and allows for a broad range of operations. Make sure your router is compatible by asking your internet service provider.

You’ll need an internet connection to set him up for the first time. After that, you will be able to use some of his functions without an internet connection. Some functions won’t work without Wi-Fi like getting content updates. To have the most fun possible with your GameBud™ Talking Tom, like playing Talking Tom Hero Dash and having him respond, you need an internet connection.

Check what network you chose during set-up just in case it’s not the right one. And if you don’t see an available Wi-Fi network on the Pairing App set-up screen, you can enter a specific network number and password. Still not connected? Best call Customer Assistance on 1 855 638 2021.

If your internet goes out, you can still play offline with the other features. Press your GameBud™ Talking Tom’s head and he’ll tell you a story or give you a fun fact! When your internet is back, you’ll just need to use the Pairing App to reconnect. It is susally automatic, but still may need to be re-Paired.

Best thing would be to check with your network provider. They can usually point you in the direction of how to retrieve or reset your password. Once you’re back online, you can go back to enjoying the full functionality of your GameBud™ Talking Tom.

Give it a few minutes and then try to enter the correct details. If it won’t let you, you’ll need to do a factory reset Instructions can be found in another FAQ here

Your GameBud™ Talking Tom will only connect to one network at a time. So, it will just work with the second Wi-Fi network.


Don’t worry, I’m here to help! First things first – check that your mobile device has its Bluetooth switched on. This can be done in “Settings”. Location permissions also have to be turned on for the Pairing App, so check this in your “Preferences”. 

Your GameBud Talking Tom might also be paired with another mobile device. So, check your other devices, just in case. Check out the FAQ as how to do a factory reset.

If the games are newly downloaded, you’ll need to connect them to your GameBud™ Talking Tom. You must play through some of the gameplay on the app before the settings menu in the upper left corner appear. Tap on “Settings”. Scroll down until you see GameBud™ Talking Tom listed and tap on “Connect”. You’ll only need to do this the first time you use one of those games with your GameBud™ Talking Tom.

So, you pressed his head and your GameBud™ Talking Tom didn’t respond? There are a couple of things that might explain it.

He might be installing an update. This could be the case if you’ve just set up your GameBud™ Talking Tom for the first time, or you clicked “Start an Update” in the Pairing App. Give him another 10 minutes and then press his head again. He’ll announce, “Update Complete!” once he’s finished.

He might have a low battery. Plug the micro-USB charging cable into the back of your GameBud™ Talking Tom. When he’s charging, the light will be orange. When he’s fully charged, the light will be green. Once he’s charged, press his head again to try and wake him up.

He might need a reboot. Follow the instructions for “How do I reset my GameBud™ Talking Tom” Try the simple reboot first, and then if he’s still not responding, try a full factory reset. 

Did one of those ideas fix the problem? If so, YAY! If not, please ring Customer Assistance on 1 855 638 2021.

Your GameBud™ Talking Tom only understands certain keywords. When your GameBud™ Talking Tom asks you for a response, he’ll give you some options of the words to say. Be a pal and just repeat those words. And remember to speak clearly! 

If he doesn’t recognize the words, he’ll ask you to repeat what you said. And if he STILL doesn’t understand, he’ll just pick an option for you! He’s a good guy like that. 

One other thing to check – is he powered on? Look at his eyes. If they’re lit up, he’s ready and raring to talk to you. But if not, you’ll need to press him on the head to turn the power on.

When your GameBud™ Talking Tom asks you to choose a word or phrase, make sure to speak up and say your chosen word or phrase clearly. If he doesn’t understand, he’ll ask you to repeat it. And then he might just pick an option for you!

First, check to see if he’s powered on. Press down on his head for 2 seconds. Also check to see if his battery is charged. Plug the micro-USB charging cable into his back and look at what color the light is – green means he’s charged; orange means he needs to charge. If that doesn’t solve the problem, please call Customer Assistance on 1 855 638 2021.

Press down on his head and maybe gently jiggle his ears. He might just be a bit stuck! If his ears don’t move after that, please call Customer Assistance on 1 855 638 2021.

Make sure that the battery is fully charged and that you’re connected to Wi-Fi. If it still doesn’t move, please call Customer Assistance on 1 855 638 2021.

Check your Wi-Fi settings. But if his voice still sounds muffled or it continues to have static, please call Customer Assistance on 1 855 638 2021.

It’s actually pretty cool. Grab something thin – a paperclip is perfect – and insert it into the teeny tiny pinhole next to the USB slot on your GameBud™ Talking Tom until you feel a small click and press in for 10 seconds. That should do the trick! This will reset him to factory settings. 

Your GameBud™ Talking Tom should announce that he’s “Starting a factory reset.” Once it’s complete, you’ll just need to use the Pairing App again to set him up. 

If neither of those options work, give Customer Assistance a call on 1 855 638 2021.

Charging Your Gamebud™ Talking Tom

No need! Your GameBud™ Talking Tom has a super cool permanent rechargeable lithium-ion battery. It never needs to be replaced! Awesome, right? So best leave the battery alone. If you remove it, it will invalidate the warranty and it could be harmful.

When fully charged, the battery should last for approximately 2-3 hours of constant play.

Don’t worry! You can charge him using any micro-USB charging cable.

Make sure that the micro-USB charging cable is firmly plugged into the back of your GameBud™ Talking Tom. And that the charging cable is properly plugged into a functioning electrical outlet. If those things are working and he still loses charge in less than two hours, please call Customer Assistance on 1 855 638 2021.


You’ll need to follow all airline policies regarding the use of electronics containing lithium-ion batteries before trying to operate your GameBud™ Talking Tom. You’ll also only have Wi-Fi if you connect to the airline Wi-Fi. But it’s not recommended to use your GameBud™ Talking Tom on an airplane. Maybe just wait until you land?

Sure! You can use your GameBud™ Talking Tom wherever there’s Wi-Fi. You’ll just need to connect to the new network. But if you can’t connect to the Wi-Fi, you’ll still have some limited functions (Free Play mode) you can enjoy. Just be mindful of the people around you if you’re in public.

Uh oh… You have a messy GameBud™ Talking Tom? You can clean him gently with a damp cloth. But don’t dunk him in any water or spray him with water. And be sure to protect his LCD eyes in particular. Make sure not to get any water near the eyes.

No, he isn’t! Your GameBud™ Talking Tom is not a fan of bubble baths, swimming pools, or anything like that. Don’t dunk him in any liquids. If you need to clean him for any reason, you can use a damp cloth. But be careful and avoid his eyes and ports.

For starters, I can tell you that the GameBud™ Talking Tom is not designed to store any personal data – including your voice.

You can find more information in the following places:

Easy peasy! Please contact Customer Assistance on 1 855 638 2021 or send a message via support@gamebud.com

Answers don't always come easy.

How about an awesome weird fact instead?

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